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Wild and Soft - Small Panda Head

Wild and Soft - Small Panda Head

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Wild & Soft creates plush animal head trophies to hang up in the nursery or kids bedrooms.

Bringing the animal kingdom to a nursery wall near you, I think you’ll agree these plush animal heads are a whole lot more cute than wild! Not strictly just for the wall, Wild & Soft plush animal heads have a loop so you can hang them on the wall to decorate the nursery and easily take them down again to play with, because who wouldn’t want to be a white tiger or a unicorn?

Each animal head from flamingo to elephant and the complete menagerie in between, is designed in Belgium and made from premium quality materials. Expertly handmade to look just like the real thing, every animal is unique to the next. The Wild & Soft plush animal heads come in an eco-friendly box.

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