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Corduroy Doll Carry Cot - Blush

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This exclusive doll’s carrycot has a removable hood and top flap, making it very versatile. The hood and flap are attached using press studs, making it easy to change from one option to another. The sides are stiffened and the two handles make it easy to carry your doll or teddy bear in the carrycot. 

It comes with a pillow and duvet in a beautifully patterned fabric that matches the carrycot.

The byASTRUP® doll’s carrycot looks stylish and exclusive. It is made of exquisite corduroy.

It fits the byASTRUP® rattan doll’s pram.

Our toys are made specifically for learning and entertainment.

Size: 35 x 22 x 11 cm

Age: 3+

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