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Home Sweet Home Table Tent

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Home is where the heart is.The perfect house beneath the dining room table to make any child’s heart flutter.


We can personalise the cubby to feature the child's name (eg Rosie's Home). Please contact One French Summer on ph: 0438 401 777 to personalise. There will be an additional charge of $25 and approximately a 10 day turn around.


The cubby is an adjustable rectangle that will fit over most 4-6 seater rectangle tables. You simply button on your end piece at either 1.6m (the second button in) or at the 1.8m button (closest button to the end) and place your cubby over the table. From here you can leave your end buttoned up and simply fold away when dinner is served or the table is needed for the next activity.

There is a bit of wriggle room for tables a tad longer than 1.8m and a tad shorter than 1.6m and oval tables can also fit these cubbies.

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