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Japanese Mosquito Net Cloth

Japanese Mosquito Net Cloth

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This cloth wipe is made with layers of Kayakiji, i.e. mosquito net cloth, woven in the Nara Prefecture. Nara Prefecture was once a production center for mosquito nets in the old days. The water absorbency of the Kayakiji is 1.3 times that of cotton and this fabric also dries very quickly. Oil stain on the Kayakiji could be easily rinsed off.  Kinshu Binchotan Charcoal is also added to this grey color version of the series. 

Range Wipe, Sink Wipe

Size: 300 x 300 mm
Front Layer 85% Cotton 15% Rayon (Kinshu Bincho Charcoal)
Back & Middle Layer 100% Rayon
Made in Japan

Rinse the new cloth well in cool or lukewarm water before use. The starch paste used in the making process of the mosquito net would be rinsed off and the fabric would become soft and fluffy. 

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