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Metamodernist Scout Caddis Glasses

Metamodernist Scout Caddis Glasses

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The Metamodernist Scout is a lightweight metal frame witha light matte finish. We’ve added sewn leather temple tipsto make the tops of your lobes feel naughty, but if that’s notyour jam, then the tops of your lobes can also feel distin-guished. Two possible transforming material. How do we do it you ask? It’s not easy.

Rather than simply deliver a totally clear reader lens fornobody else’s enjoyment but your own, we’ve dipped theselens in a bronze bath that is one part Chrysler Cordoba andone part Pam Grier. The tint begins clear at the bottom of thelens, and increases in strength towards the top of the lens.The end result is an orchestrated visual representation ofthat exact moment when Burt met Sally and we all dreameda little dream of Trans-Ams and escaping the law.

Fit:Small to Medium


Lens:Tinted gradient with HEV blue light blocking coating

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