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Cozy Dinkums

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Meet our collectible of Cozy Dinkums.

We have Koala Moppet, Lion Pip, Piggy Pickle, Lamby Pip & Mousy Pickle. They are  so cuddly and cute. they love to doze in their soft fluffy suits. They are made for snuggles and snoozy days, these velvety little Cozys love to play! 

They are all posable, made from the plushest outer and feature the sweetest embroidered faces with little tufts of hair. Each Cozy Dinkum wears a non-removable suit with two soft furry ears and a rainbow right over their heart.  

These Cozy Dinkums are a beautiful gift for newborn babies or would make a lovely addition to your Dinkum Doll family for older kids too.

Cozy Dinkums arrive packaged in a soft 100% cotton bag! This bag also doubles as a handy laundry bag for your Cozy when they’re in need of a wash (make sure it’s a cool, gentle machine wash only!).
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