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Playforever Verve Leadbelly Skeeter

Playforever Verve Leadbelly Skeeter

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Designed in the UK and constructed from heavy duty plastic, the Playforever range always has a flawless finish in UV-resistant paint and are crafted with attention to detail. Verve Lead Belly Skeeter has moving rubber wheels rimmed with gold and is deep violet all over with a white roof and black bumper. Reminiscent of a classic fastback car, the smooth aerodynamic lines and deep violet paint will make the owner of Skeeter the envy of everyone in the street! Car enthusiasts will love him too! Solidly built for everyday play, Skeeter is perfect for the playroom or leave him on the shelf to admire as stylish room decor.
Playforever cars are solidly contructed in chic nostalgic styles and look just as good on the shelf as they do at play. Just one of several in the Rufus range of midi cars to choose from.
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