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Sunnylife Large Picnic Cooler Basket - Natural

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Soaking up the sun with the perfect spread has never been easier! The classic willow basket is lined with a casual cotton interior for a sophisticated, modern take on this retro silhouette. Ideal for family picnics or entertaining with friends, the Large Picnic Cooler Basket includes four sets of stainless steel cutlery with wooden handles, four reusable cups, four reusable plates, a bottle opener and a wooden cutting board. What's even better? The plates and cups are made from PLA-based renewable plastic, so you can feel good about keeping single-use plastics out of the ocean! Easy to transport, packed with everything you need and equipped with an insulated zip-up pocket, the Large Picnic Cooler Basket is the perfect picnic companion.

  • Capacity 37L
  • Includes x4 sets stainless steel cutlery with wooden handles, x4 pcs reusable cups, x4 pcs reusable plates, x1 bottle opener and x1 wooden cutting board.
  • Crockery made from PLA vegetable based reneweable plastic.
  • Insulated 27x 23 x22 cm/ inches compartment with zip closure.
  • All items self secure to the inside of the basket for safe transport and space saving.
  • Handy carry handles.
  • Food safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.


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