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Astrup Wooden Doll Stroller.

Astrup Wooden Doll Stroller.

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This beautiful byASTRUP® stroller is sturdy without being clumsy. It features exquisitely original byASTRUP® design – timeless style with a touch of nostalgia and perfect for taking your doll/teddy bear for a walk.

The wheels have a rubber edge, making it comfortable to push the stroller on different surfaces.

Add a byASTRUP® high chair cushion and buggy and you can be absolutely sure that your doll/teddy bear will sit particularly comfortably in the chair.

The stroller will provide countless hours of outdoor and indoor role play, helping to boost children’s ability to show care and empathy and improving their use of language.

Suitable for: role-play, imagination, empathy, language, and language comprehension.

Our wooden toys are made specifically, with learning and entertainment in mind.

Suitable for any doll up to 50 cm long.

Size: 32 x 43 x 50 cm

Age: 3+

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